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How to Add a graphic checkbox to a schedule

Lets create a Checkbox schedule in Revit

When we have a checkbox (yes/no) parameter in a schedule, Revit defaults to display text (ie checked = “Yes”, unchecked = “No”)

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_before

Some people prefer showing this graphically as a “check box”, this blog post will show you how to get it done.

In this example, we want to add an “Issued” field to a Sheet List schedule that can graphically be shown as checked or unchecked. We have created an “Issued Y/N” parameter and added it to all Sheets, and included it on the Sheet List Schedule. This currently shows up as a text field (See image above).

To make it a graphical “check box”, we first need to add a Calculated Value to the Scheduled Fields list. In the Schedule properties, click on Calculated Value.

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_sheet schedule

Give it a name, and for this example we are going to add a simple “if statement” formula where

IF ([Issued Y/N], “√”, “ᵡ”)

Which basically means, if the parameter [Issued Y/N] is checked, then show a , if not show a ᵡ.

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_formula

How we get the Checked/unchecked symbols is by running Windows Character Map. You have to copy symbols from the same font as your schedule (e.g you can’t paste Windings symbols into your schedule if the schedule font is Arial)

In this example I have used a Square root symbol (which kind of looks like a Tick) or a solid dot for Yes, and a Cross or hollow dot for unchecked. It’s up to you which one you want to roll with.

This results in a Schedule which looks like this:

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_result

Now all we need to do is hide the “Issued Y/N” field from the schedule:

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_hide

And Ta da! We now have a Sheet list schedule with a graphic check box for the “Issued” Field.

Checkbox schedule -Checkbox_after

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