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I’m Karl Tanner, I’m a Structural Revit Technician and founder of revitIQ.com. I’m passionate about Revit, BIM and how digital tools can benefit the construction industry. I have implemented the use of Revit/BIM processes in my workplaces and helped mentor and guide junior staff using Industry best practices. I have several years of experience working on a variety of projects, including large commercial and residential buildings, zoo and aquarium enclosures, energy sector structures and seismic retrofits of heritage buildings.

How I Got Started Blogging

During the course of my career I have been tasked with mentoring and training junior staff. This has been a challenge, but is very enjoyable and rewarding! This blog is an extension of that – answering common questions that Revit newbies have, and also digging a little deeper and helping good Revit technicians become even better.

revitIQ.com contains all my best advice on starting and learning Revit, BIM and Structural drafting. It’s a firsthand account of what I’ve learned and discovered over the past 9 or so years being a Structural Revit Technician. I really hope you find something inspiring and helpful.

I’m happy you’re here. You can email me any time with comments or questions. Just subscribe to the site and hit “reply.”

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  1. Jeff Schmitz

    Hi Karl,

    I have question regarding materials from websites. I recently found your blog regarding best Revit websites for families and I checked out the National BIM library website as well as ARCAT.
    On both sites I encountered the following problem.

    After I downloaded the file (in this case a roof assembly file) and tried to render it I realized that under the material browser in the selection/appearance the file had no image provided which left the roof just flat instead of being a metal seam roof.

    Is this typical and how we can avoid it? It makes little sense going thru all the trouble of researching and downloading the materials/files and then you have nothing to show your client in render format.

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