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Top 10 New Features of Revit 2022

Autodesk Revit 2022 New Features

The newest release of Autodesk Revit, Revit 2022, is now available.

This version of Revit improves upon some recent years’ updates and introduces some long-sought-after features that should make quite the positive impact on projects around the globe.

We teamed up with BIMsmith to highlight the Top 10 most interesting new features in Revit 2022.

Top Features and Updates in Revit 2022

Two Point Rebar Placement

This is a massive update for all the Structural Revit users who model rebar.  This allows you to place rebar of exact dimensions, aligned to any references with just 2 clicks. This reduces the number of steps required to create rebar accurately and is a real game changer.

Other Rebar improvements include: Remember Settings when Placing Rebar, Move Rebar in a Set, and Select Shape Code for Custom Free-Form Rebar. I will follow this up and expand on this with a specific post on Rebar modelling in Revit 2022. For now see the Two Point Rebar Placement in action below:

Show Wall Core Only

Revit users have not previously had an effective way to “clean up” the view of compound walls. Now, with the new “Show Wall Core Only” feature, you can adjust your visibility settings to only show the core layer of a compound wall in plan views.

revit 2022 features

Tapered Walls

The Revit 2021 release introduced the ability to create slanted walls in Revit. This year adds an update to that feature set by incorporating tapered walls.

revit 2022 features

Creating a tapered wall will require mostly the same steps as slanted walls, but with some additional options. Tapered Regular Walls can be created with straight, curve/arc, or elliptical paths using the Wall tool with either instance-based or type-based methods. It’s required to turn on the Variable option for the wall’s layers for this to work.


Revit Built-in PDF Exporter

This is one of the more exciting updates with Revit 2022. Previously, it could be quite a pain to deal with PDF printers and finding the magic combination of settings to get everything the way you needed it for a clean PDF export. Now, Revit’s built-in PDF exporter allows your to save 2D PDF documents from Revit views or sheets.

The feature comes with helpful settings like Size: <Use Sheet Size> and Orientation: automatic that you would expect and hope for in a tool like this.

revit 2022 features revit 2022 features

Split Schedule Across Sheets

For years, it’s been a common issue for a schedule to be too long to fit onto a project sheet. Many of us found workarounds to get our schedules printed the way we wanted, but nothing seamless.

Revit 2022 now allows users to split a schedule that’s too long for one sheet and distribute it across multiple sheets.

The feature includes a nice default setting to place all portions of a split schedule in the same location on each sheet .

Right now, splitting a schedule is done by defining the height at which the schedule should be divided. It would be nice in the future to see additional options to split by other criteria for further flexibility.


revit 2022 features


Multiple Value Indication

One confusing element known to trip up many Revit beginners is the way in which Revit displays parameter values when there are multiple items selected.

Previously, if two items were selected that carried different values, the value field would display a blank field. If you weren’t paying attention or didn’t know to watch out for this, you could end up thinking there was an error when one did not exist and potentially take inappropriate action to edit the respective fields.

Now, Revit will display a <varies> value (or a custom message of your choosing) in order to show you that there are multiple values at play.

You can adjust these settings under Additional Settings and Multiple Value Indication.

revit 2022 features

Grids as Reference in 3D Views

Another first in Revit 2022 is the introduction of grids in 3D views. Previously, grids were only visible in 2D. This promises some nice clarity for anyone doing structural work.

The UI for 3D grids still needs some work (for example, an Apply button would be nice). But on the whole, this appears to be a helpful new tool.

revit 2022 new features

Filter by Family and Type in Schedule View

Revit 2022 introduces several new scheduling features. One of them is new filtering capability that enables you to filter a schedule/material takeoff view by “Family and Type,” “Family,” or “Type.”

This makes it more flexible to create customized schedules with a more narrow focus (e.g. bathroom accessories).

revit 2022 new features

Remember Last Used Tab in Material Browser

This feature is small, but convenient.

In previous versions of Revit, clicking on the Material Browser would land you on the Graphics tab by default. For anyone making multiple trips to and from a different tab within the Material Browser, this could get annoying pretty quickly. In Revit 2022, the Material Browser now remembers your last-opened tab and will open to that tab, saving you a click.

revit 2022 new features

Revision Numbering Enhancements

With Revit 2022, it’s now possible to create customized logic for how revision sequences should behave. This includes the ability to specify a minimum number of digits for a sequence (e.g. “1” vs. “001” vs “0001”).

Users can begin by accessing the Numbering dialog within the Sheet Issues/Revisions dialog that lists all numbering sequences in a project. The user will then be able to create new sequences or modify existing sequences, which will launch the secondary dialog.

These settings can now also be transferred with the Transfer Project Standards command.

revit 2022 new features

Load Autodesk Family Navigation Tools

This new feature is another fairly basic change, focused on the Load Family workflow. Revit 2022 includes new breadcrumbs and link structures to help users understand what portion of a folder they’re viewing for their search. There is also a new forward/back button and home button to navigate the standard Load Autodesk Family workflow.

revit 2022 new features

See the video here:

These are just some of the key revit 2022 new features available. What’s your favorite? Any other new features of Revit 2022 that you love or hate? Please share in the comments below!

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