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Creating a Rebar Schedule in Revit – with Images!

Schedules are very powerful tools in Revit. They are a really useful way to display model information and are essential when documenting your project.

There are times when we would like to show graphical information in a schedule. An example I use (from a structural perspective) is showing Rebar shapes as images in a Rebar schedule. This blog post will show you how to display an image in a schedule in Revit, creating a Rebar schedule as an example.

How to Create a Rebar Schedule in Revit

Its really very easy to display images in a schedule like the rebar schedule above. You only need to do two things, add an image within your families family parameter, and then display it in a schedule. If we take the Rebar Schedule as an example, we will first add the image to the shape code families, then create the Rebar Schedule.

Rebar Schedule in Revit

So here I have a Reinforced Concrete Column and Foundation Pad, which I want to create a rebar bend schedule from with images. Our first step is to add the images to Shape code families.

  1. Add an Image to your Shape Code Family

Rebar Schedule in Revit

If we click on a Rebar, on the Modify tab we can hit the Edit Family button which will take us to the Shape Code Family editor.

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Once here, on the Create Tab under Properties, hit the Family Types Button.

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Look for the Parameter named ‘Shape Image’ and click on the

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Click on the Add button, and navigate to your desired image. There are lots of shape code images which can be found on the net, or you can make some yourself in Revit. I quickly made these:

Rebar Schedule in Revit Rebar Schedule in Revit Rebar Schedule in Revit

If you are unsure what A, B and C etc. refer to for your shape, if you click on a Rebar you can see the instance parameters which relate to those dimensions in the Properties box:

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Once you have added your image it should look like this:

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Click OK, and Save your family and reload it into your project.

Now all we have to do is create our rebar schedule:

Create a Rebar Schedule

In the Project Browser, right click on Schedule/Quantities and click on New Schedule/Quantities

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Select Structural Rebar from the Category list and hit OK.

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Next we have to add the Parameters that we want from the left column, and add them to the Schedule Fields on the right. Make sure to select all the relevant parameters including the A, B & C dimensions and also the Shape Image.

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Organize your schedule as you please then hit OK.

BOOM! You have created your Rebar Schedule in Revit complete with Shape Code Images!

Rebar Schedule in Revit

Once you know the steps its super easy to Create a Rebar Schedule In Revit. Hopefully this post has helped you along!

If you have any questions, or have other tips then please leave a comment below!

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  1. Sean

    Hey Karl,
    I’ve tried to use rebar in a large press pit project. I found myself constantly fixing rebar as the design progressed and the size needs for the pit changed.

    When do you start modeling your rebar? Do you model all rebar (seems like a silly question since your scheduling) How do you deal with repetitive items such as your footing above before your design is set in stone?

    • Karl Tanner

      Hi Sean, great question! I understand the frustration when trying to fix and update rebar as the design changes. Initially what I do is model single rebar elements specific to details, e.g I don’t model multiple rebar at x amount of centres etc. – only 1 in a specific detail. So when designs change I only have to update minimal rebar which doesn’t have much of an impact on other elements or the project. Obviously if you are going to schedule rebar for fabrication or pricing, you would hope that the design is pretty much set in stone so you can then go through and fill out the model. Hope that helps?
      Kind regards,

      • Mark

        I agree with Sean. The process of tendering has shifted massively since Revit has been used in anger. The uneducated still see anything BIM related as a 1 click fix job. There is so much more to building a model. I think this where the BEP is as important as ever as us designers need to be protected against the contractor coming on board (depending at which stage) and putting on the table a really condensed program. The problem with this, and always has been really (BIM has just highlighted it more so), is that structural designers are first onsite. So as the design evolves, the contractor is still trying to achieve his same substructure delivery date even though the knock on effects from the MEP and Architect changes is huge. We seem to take on all the pain, for little gain. Its massively frustrating.

        For the record, I use CADS RC for detailing reinforcement.

        Kind Regards,

  2. Andrew Beaman

    Hi Karl
    We are thinking of doing this with windows doors and other similar schedules. Does this make your file much bigger with all the extra jpegs in the project file? I note that the “Manage images” icon shows you what images are loaded into the file and shows a file path. If the image is brought into the file with the family, what is the purpose of the file path and does the image always have to be located at the original source?

  3. Karmen

    Hi Karl,
    at first I want to say, your blog is great for beginners in Revit like me. I have done everything and created rebar schedule but I want totally weight in kilos per rebar and grand total. When I try to set new type parametar for each diametar of rebar, I can’t. So, I can’t add mass/unit length so automactlly I can’t get weight. What should I do?

  4. Tom

    Hi Karl,

    I was just wondering would you have a template for the Rebar schedule that i could load straight into my model?


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