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Interview with rvthub.com

At the end of last year I was asked by Mohamed Khettab (the founder of rvthub.com) to do an interview for their ‘Member of the Month’ section. This was a great honor to me as they have only just launched this month, meaning I’m the very first Member of the Month!

rvthub.com is a Social Network for Revit users. It’s a great place to share knowledge, get help, share exciting projects and connect with like minded Revit users from around the globe. I encourage everyone to sign up and get involved!

If you enjoy reading interviews and want to learn a bit more about my background, click here to read the full interview.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Please give us an overview of your career ?

I was studying for a Civil Engineering degree and did a few papers on Structural Drawings and Autocad etc. which I really enjoyed. Soon after I needed to get back into work and I luckily scored a role as a Junior Structural Draftsman at Thorburn Consultants. It was here that I learned a lot about the profession of drafting from some really knowledgeable “old school” guys (guys who remember drafting with pen and paper!). Thorburn Consultants were also relatively early adopters of BIM and Revit so I began using Revit in 2008. I then just worked my way up, but found I needed a new challenge, so I took a role with EQ STRUC to lead their team in implementing Revit and BIM workflows, and mentoring junior staff etc. I have been incredibly lucky in my career and feel blessed that I get to work on really cool projects with really cool technology.


Can you tell us why and when you became interested in Revit ?

I began using Revit in 2008 and was immediately impressed. Drafting in AutoCAD can become tedious after a while, and especially when I was a Junior Draftsman I couldn’t really understand what I was drawing – I was just blindly copying Engineers sketches. I found when using Revit, you’re….[continue]


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Structural Revit Technician and BIM/Drafting Manager from New Zealand. Founder of revitIQ.com