Bolts & Fixings


Work smarter with revitIQ’s Metric Bolts & Fixings pack. These 2D components will help you quickly and easily create professional looking detailing using Revit. The families included are fully adjustable 2D Detail Components, comprising of 13 different bolt & fixing Families.

These 2D components will help you carry out detailing with maximum efficiency, ensuring consistent & professional looking Revit documentation.

Try before you buy! Download for Free the Coach Bolt family included in the pack for you to test out: 


  • 13 Families, 68 different Types
  • Drill & Epoxy Anchors
  • Plan & Elevation Bolts
  • Coach Screws, Coach Bolts
  • Countersunk & Roundhead screws
  • L-Bolt Anchors & Trubolts
  • Nails, Tack Nails & Self-Tapping Fixings
  • Adjustable dimensions & visibilty settings
  • Standard Metric sizes from M6 to M36
  • Compatible with Revit 2015 and later


Why use revitIQ’s ‘Bolts & Fixings 2D Components’ ?

Revit’s out-the-box content is good, but our content is better! Creating great Revit content isn’t easy, and it’s definitely time consuming! If you’re looking for cost-effective detail components that will save you time and money then you have come to the right place.

We want you to work smarter, finish projects faster and produce the best documentation possible. The components created here by revitIQ are easy to use, have been tested, revised, improved, and used in countless real-life projects. These are the components I use daily and are my “go-to” families when I need to produce outstanding documentation using Revit.

I’m glad you have found them, I can’t wait for you to start using them in your projects and feel the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity that come with these truly impressive Revit families.



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